MASH Consultancy Ltd

After holding numerous executive roles during the last 25 years, Mark Ashley has now set us his own hospitality consultancy. One of Mark’s key attributes to support the consultancy is that Mark has worked in many different sector of the hospitality industry, Restaurants, Retail, Food on the move, Pubs & Bars and also the Coffee Market.

Mark has a very strong background in leadership, especially operations, and as a result, managed other areas such as food & drink development, marketing, people, projects and design.

Mark specialises in operational and business development, concept creation and start up’s projects, but can add value in other areas too.

Mark took the decision to start MASH consultancy in 2015 having worked a long time in the corporate world and felt his entrepreneurial edge that was being slightly quash by large organisations.

Mark has a real passion of the hospitality industry and believes the time is right to share his experiences and knowledge during his career.

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